Hand crafted wind chimes

Made from vintage silverware. Each piece is first hand flattened, then drilled for the line to hang them. Monofilament line (15 pound test) is tied to each piece.

Each set of wind chimes will weather and age in an unique fashion. Depending on where you are, and your environment. With the sets being rescued and given a new purpose, each one is unique.

Model 1:
1_chimes 1_overall 1_hanger
Crafted with a hand bent serving piece for the ‘hanger’ with green seaglass between it and the chimes.

Model 2:
2_overall 2_chimes2 2_chimes1
Custom made hanging ring with beads suspended above the chimes.

Model 3:
3_overall 3_drgnfly 3_chimes
A metal ring keeps the chimes in position with beads above them . A dragonfly charm is suspended above the ‘clanger’ piece.

Model 4:
4_overall 4_chimes
Another custom metal ring holds the chimes in position on this one. Small stone beads are suspended above each chime. Chimes are made from appetizer serving pieces.

Model 5:
5_chimes1 5_overall 5_hanger 5_chimes3
A large ring holds the chimes in position around the clanger. Blue seaglass is above each chime piece. An unique metal ring is used to hang the set where you want it.

Model 6:
Dragonfly_alone_pic1 6_overall 6_drgfly 6_chimes3 6_chimes2 6_chimes1
Another of the custom made rings holds the chimes in position. Beads are suspended above each of them with a dragonfly charm above the ‘clanger’ piece. Center ‘clanger’ is made from one of the service knives from the set.

To purchase any of those shown above email us.
Cost per windchime is $20 plus shipping and handling (within the contiguous US). Shipping will be calculated when you contact to purchase. If you’re in the Boston area (north and west of the city) contact to pickup/purchase in person.